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They say travel opens your eyes, so it's no surprise that Sian Storey's paintings are turning heads. Don't expect city scenes or seascapes - Sian spends her travels absorbing the flora, colour and patterns of foreign places, like the pink blossom of a Japanese park, or the cool blue tiles of a Moroccan riad. 

The beauty of nature is a common theme in Sian’s paintings, yet paradoxically it's her passion for urban street art that ensures her work is so vibrant and textured - look for the splashes of spray paint dripping over her delicate brushwork. 

Back in her studio in leafy Hampshire, England, Sian loves painting birds and wildlife, but also creates beautiful figurative paintings of women, which are infused with emotion - powerful, yet fragile. Sian’s art has featured in the Independent and Metro newspapers, as well as the websites of BBC, The Guardian and The Telegraph – so now would be a good time to invest in this emerging artist.

About the artist

Who am I?

Hi I’m Sian Storey. Painting is my passion.  I'm based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, well connected to London and the south of England.  

My work has been featured in the Independent on Sunday newspaper, The Metro newspaper, as well as the BBC website, the Telegraph website, and the Time Out London blog.  In 2014, my work for Transport for London was exhibited in Trafalgar Square and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, home of the 2012 London games.  

What do I do?

I’m a versatile, mutliskilled artist, who specialises in painting.

My background

Back In 2005 I proudly graduated with a First Class BA Hons degree in Fine Art.  Since then I've exhibited my work locally and all over the globe - hanging on walls in New York City, Berlin, Bilbao, Bahrain, Melbourne and Canada.


My work sits somewhere between fact and fiction. The fact part is painting recognisable things: birds, animals and women. The fiction part is vibrant colour, spray paint mists, pattern, blossoms, brush marks and the layers of a painting. This process is deliberate as I’m really drawn to mythology and folklore. I love stories where the people and characters are familiar but their experiences are dreamlike and ethereal.  I like imagination.

I work from found images, and am particularly drawn to colour, pattern and beautiful pictures. I keep scrapbooks of images that I have collected and reference them in my paintings. I love to travel, and this inspires my work.  In 2014 I travelled to Japan, and have been referencing it in a lot of my work ever since.

My tools vary depending on the type of image I’m making, so I guess I’m a mixed media artist. Although, my favourite tools are a spray can and a paintbrush, and sometimes I use cardboard cut into strips that I use to drag paint onto a canvas.

I love the palette of blue as it reminds me of the sea where I grew up. 

Exhibitions and Key Events

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2019 // Live painting and pop up exhibition // Festival Place // Basingstoke

2018+ // Exhibiting at Canvas Gallery // Winchester

2018 // Women in Transit // Eclectic Gallery // London

2018 // The Art of Design exhibition // Slate Art Gallery // Royal Leamington Spa 

2017+ // Reem Gallery // Camberley

2017 // Sitting With Jane // Jane Austen 200 // Basingstoke

2017+ // THAT Gallery // pop up exhibition // Basingstoke

2016 // Green Creates // The Green Party // Hoxton Arches

2016// Wild London // We Are Artists // Hive, Dalston London.

2016// Card to the Bard Auction // National Literacy Trust

2016 // Gnome's Unearthed // Hampton Court Palace

2016 // Marwell's Zany Zebras // Southampton

2016 // Open Studio exhibition // 5Mile Studio // Overton

2016 // 'SIX' group exhibition // West End Centre //Aldershot

2016 // 'The Power of Art' group exhibition // The Turbine Gallery // Didcot

2015 // 'Overdrawn' // The Jam Factory // Oxford

2015 // 'What a Wonderful World' // Gaf Gallery // Bournemouth

2015 // 'Scrumpty' - Rugby World Cup trail // Gloucester

2015 // That Gallery popup gallery // Festival Place, Basingstoke

2015 // Concrete Sketchbook popup gallery // Festival Place, Basingstoke

November 2014 // Ibis Sleep Art exhibition // Gallery Different // London

October 2014 // The Big Draw Exhibition // The Boiler Room // Guildford, Surrey

September 2014 // Year of the Bus trail // London

Summer 2014 // Books About Town // London

July 2014 // Basingstoke Festival - a splash of colour // Tea Bar // Basingstoke

May 2014 // Exhibited in pop up gallery // Basingstoke, Festival Place

Jan 2014 // Exhibited in pop-up XWWX gallery // Southampton

Jan 2014 // Adorned – a solo exhibition by Sian Storey // Proteus Creation Space // Basingstoke, Hampshire

Nov 2013 // Kill Your Darlings, Cut Up  group exhibition // Projected onto various locations, London

July 2013 // Solo exhibition // Sugar Mango shop, Bournemouth

Jun 2013 // Basingstoke’s Got Talent – magazine interview in The Basingstoke Central

Apr 2013 // Marwell Go! Rhinos – Wild in Art  // Southampton

Jan 2013 // ‘Young Basingstoke Artists’ group exhibition // Fairfields Arts Centre // Basingstoke

Dec 2012 // Alice in Wonderland theatre stage set  // Hampshire

Jul 2012 // ‘Best of Basingstoke’ group show // Fairfields Arts Centre // Basingstoke

Dec 2011 // Peter Pan theatre stage set // Hampshire

Dec 2010 // Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theatre stage set  // Hampshire

Dec 2009 // The Wizard of Oz theatre stage set  // Hampshire

April 2009 // Work exhibited in I Am Joy gallery // Chichester

Dec 2007 // Calamity Jane theatre stage set  // Hampshire

Jun 2006 // Isle of Wight Festival T-Shirt design competition winner

Nov 2005 // ‘New Contemporaries’ group show // Fairfields Art Exhibition // Basingstoke

Jun 2005 // ‘Showcase 05’ – group show // The Millais Gallery // Southampton

May 2004 // ‘Haunted’ group exhibition // The Nuffield Theatre // Southampton