It wouldn't be a Sian Storey summer without living with a giant sculpture or two... and right I'm living with a giant gnome called Umbriel...

This is for an fabulous new interactive sculpture trail at Hampton Court Palace, called Gnomes Unearthed, which runs from 23 July - 2 October.  I'm so proud to be part of an event at such an historic and famous British landmark as Hampton Court Palace.

Each gnome has been designed and decorated by a visual artist alongside local community groups - and will tell stories by some renowned storytellers including Michael Rosen, Francesca Simon, and Lucy Worsley.

Taken from the Historic Royal Palaces website:

"The new Magic Garden has cast a powerful spell over the whole of Hampton Court Palace, rousing our ancient gnome Umbriel and bringing him up to the light. Mysterious Umbriel is rarely seen (like all gnomes he is shy) but he has many stories to tell of the gardens’ lost secrets… if you can find him. Take care and tread lightly, and he might come out of hiding to share a tale or two. 

He’s been helped in his storytelling by a number of local community groups, artists and famous writers. Meet him now, before he disappears back into the earth once more…"


I worked with a local Girl Guide group to dream up the design for my mystical gnome, which is inspired by the Great Vine at Hampton Court.  

Here's a sneak preview of how he's looking... 

AuthorSian Storey